Super Salisbury Skydive!

We are so proud of our HR Manager, Kim, who completed a tandem skydive today raising money for two charities close to our hearts. Kim traveled at 125mph through the air free falling from 10,000 feet and then took in the stunning views of the Salisbury Plains and all the way over to the Isle of Wight on her decent back down to earth.

Kim raised money for two charities, The Stillbirth and Neonatal Death Charity, Sands, and Aching Arms Charity. These charities do amazing work to support families who have experienced the heartbreaking loss of a baby during pregnancy, at birth or soon after.

Kim said “It was a truly amazing experience, I am so glad I have done it and I would do it again! The instructors and the whole team at Go Skydive at Old Sarum Airfield were fantastic and I’m so happy my family came to watch me.”